Writers in Need of Direction

This program, new to the 2017 season, is designed for teenagers and beyond. Ages 16-25, this program will be personally run by Youth Programs director John Eric Vona and modeled after Peter Elbow’s Writing Without Teachers. This means the camp will be almost entirely feedback based with campers sharing their writings and providing constructive responses to their peers so, as Elbow says, to help each other know “which parts of [his or her] own writing to keep and which to throw away.”

W.I.N.D. will meet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 8 in the evening and last all summer. For those still in High School, this camp will give a taste of what a good college creative writing class is like. For all ages, and people of all backgrounds writing all sorts of things, this camp will give you what all writers need: readers. People to react and tell you what they think.

Tuition is $300. Full and partial scholarships available to undergraduate students receiving financial aid.

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